blog 15.10.14When one or more children in a family have a learning disability or ADHD, the entire family unit may feel the stress of the day-to-day struggles of school and family life. In my last post we looked at a way to observe where the sibling who does not experience a disability may be emotionally reacting to her role in this family dynamic. 


blog 15.10.7Sibling relationships in the best situation range from best friends to worst enemies, but when one or more children have a diagnosed disability, special considerations may be in order to understand the sibling’s perspective.


Jacob peeked through the front door window to see if he could spot his mom or dad in the kitchen. He was at his family home to surprise his dad on Father’s Day. He rang the door bell in rapid succession, and thought to himself that it might have been a bad idea to come all that way and find them not at home.


Keep Calm and Carry OnKEEP CALM AND CARRY ON should be the mantra while trying to juggle all of the processes and routines we put in place to support organizational and academic success for our children.


blog 15.5.21She sat staring at the PowerPoint presentation beaming from the whiteboard. It was taking everything she had to stay with the lecture. “SLANT,” she thought, as she struggled to hang on.


blog 15.5.14It’s possible you have heard the answer to this one before. If you attended the Dr. Peg Dawson follow-up conversation in March, you definitely know the punch line...‘One bite at a time.’


blog 4.23.15On March 18, Dr. Peg Dawson spoke to over 600 parents at a program sponsored by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Springer. The program’s title, Calming the Chaos, captured the desire of parents who attended.


blog 15.2.6Sarah cringes when the school’s number pops up on caller I.D. Since fourth grade, it has been nothing but bad news. Paul’s teacher calls to discuss his inability to wait his turn, frequently calling out answers in class and interrupting others. The conversation is always the same.


blog 15.1.30In an instant I went from a fiercely independent “caretaker,” to the one being cared for and dependent on everyone else for simple tasks. A few weeks ago, I slipped on ice and broke my leg. Four days later, I was hit upside the head with the flu – for the second time since mid-December.


blog 14.11.25This weekend I feverishly prepared my house for the 24 guests I will have for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time I have had the privilege to host, since moving back “home” in 1999. I have the perfect vision of the day in my mind. Everyone is talking and laughing around the tables, set with the colors of fall, plates filled with all of our traditional Thanksgiving favorites.