blog 14.3.13The website PBS Parents stated in a recent article that “the skills and behaviors children develop early in life lay a strong foundation for their adolescence and adulthood.” Part of this strong foundation relates to self-determination.


blog 14.3.7If you read Part I of this blog on homework hovering, you may have been able to relate to the scenarios discussed. Included herein are some tips for parents struggling with an elementary age student, with a couple of goals in mind. One goal is to provide some parameters around fostering independence, and a second is to give you guidance on how best to address the issue of early learning difficulties.


blog 14.3.4Everyone from the TODAY Show to Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary has weighed in on the hovering mother, often referred to as a “helicopter parent.” Parents Magazine even has a quiz to identify whether you too could be labeled “A Hover Mother.” 


blog 14.2.21It’s 7:45 p.m., and the lights should be going out in 7 year-old Thomas’ bedroom, but not tonight. Thomas has snuggled in, and the bedtime story has ended, but he looks up with his big brown eyes and melodically chants, “Mommy, can you tell me the story about when you and daddy drove us home from grandma’s house in the snowstorm? I love that story.” Is this a ploy to stay up longer?


blog 14.1.29
When one or more children in a family have a learning disability or ADHD, the entire family unit may feel the stress of the day-to-day struggles of school and family life. In my last post we looked at a way to observe where the sibling who does not experience a disability may be emotionally reacting to her role in this family dynamic. 


blog 14.1.23

Sibling relationships in the best situation range from best friends to worst enemies, but when one or more children have a diagnosed disability, special considerations may be in order to understand the sibling’s perspective.


blog 13.12.18This week I was reading a post from a distraught mother of a sixth grade son, on one of the LD websites. It was painful to read, though the storyline not uncommon. Bright, seemingly intelligent dyslexic boy with ADHD, still reading at a first grade level, and given his average profile from testing, receiving accommodations only, and struggling with this daily stress producer called school. 


blog 13.10.31In some recent gatherings of Springer’s Upper School students, I had an opportunity to introduce them to a new feature of the Mac OS X.8 Mountain Lion operating system, installed on their laptops. The new operating system includes built-in dictation and text-to-speech software.


blog 13.10.28This month I had the opportunity to ”talk tech” with groups of Springer Upper School students during Student Development class. I wanted to discuss with them the one-to-one laptop program – what is working, and what is not.


blog 13.10.25“Have you ever dreamed that you were flying?”  The question was posed to Springer students at a recent assembly, kicking off a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on our campus. Daniel Dancer, artist, photographer, activist, and visionary, brought his craft and philosophy to students and staff, as we each became a single drop of black paint in a “painting” of our mascot, the Springer Eagle – a painting best viewed from atop a 50-foot crane.