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Springer is an independent school for students with dyslexia, ADHD and other specific learning disabilities. Students with these learning differences and others, including dyscalculia and dysgraphia, thrive in our specialized, small private school environment. Students also have access to occupational therapy and speech-language pathology in our elementary, middle school and high school programs. We are located in the beautiful Hyde Park neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Find out how your child could benefit from our warm, caring environment where every teacher is equipped with the skills and education to lead children with learning differences with a strengths-based approach. Students with ADHD and learning disabilities feel at home among our welcoming community of faculty and students. Here students can finally let their guard down, knowing that they are not alone in their learning differences.



At Springer students can BE SEEN for their individual strengths.

Lower School for Elementary Students

Springer’s Lower School serves elementary-age students in grades 1-5. Students are placed in classrooms based on their academic instructional levels and are challenged and supported in their academic classes which include English Language Arts using the Wilson Reading System®, Literature and Writing. Science, Social Studies, STEAM, and Math, as well as robust programs in PE, Music and Art round out their academics and always prepare students for their next educational step. Each class of 10-15 is led by a classroom teacher and an instructional assistant which allows for encouragement, individual attention and small-group instruction every day.


Middle School

Academics at the middle school level, grades 6-8, are best described as thoughtfully designed rigor. All Middle School students take courses in the Wilson Reading System®, STEAM, Mathematics, Literature, Science, Social Studies as well as attend Unified Arts classes such as Physical Education, Art, Library and Music throughout the week. Springer’s learning environment is designed for success, with each classroom of 12-15 students led by a teacher and instructional assistant. Small classes grant students access to individual support and space to work independently or with peers. Taking part in student council, community service opportunities and a seventh and eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. every other year help round out a Middle School education at Springer.


High School

With classrooms of 14 or fewer, high school students have opportunities to learn, grow, and feel safe taking risks. Multisensory instruction is engaging and fun and allows students to be fully immersed in learning. In Springer’s supportive environment, the academic program is rigorous and is guided by our core beliefs. We believe that instruction must be designed in a way that a gradual release of responsibility and independence can occur. We believe homework should be delivered in a way that honors individual learning styles and needs, respects competing demands for students’ time outside of school and minimizes student and parent anxiety and frustrating. Staff develop options for students based on their individual needs and future goals including exploring their next steps in high school, assessing their career interests, and planning for college.


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