Frequently, Springer alumni return to help with the Adventures in Summer Learning program, and this year is no exception.

Brad Becker attended Springer from first grade through eighth, and has completed his freshman year at Moeller High School. He is volunteering as an assistant in Amanda Forbes’ and Debbie Elbert’s classroom. “Brad is really helpful with the students,” said Amanda. “He is able to check in with them individually and meet them where they are, supporting them through the reading and writing process. Brad listens to the students and shows a lot of empathy and patience with each student.”

Brad has experience in volunteer work, having served at Stepping Stones, an organization for children, teens and adults with disabilities of various kinds. He said his work there taught him much about helping people. “It’s harder to help someone than you would think,” Brad commented. “You have to think of the path that will help them.”

“Helping at Springer this summer has given me a new perspective on my time as a student at Springer,” said Brad. “When I was a student here, there were things the teachers did that I thought was too much. Now I understand why they did them.”

Brad was unable to read or write when he began at Springer. During his years here, he learned many strategies that help him to successfully manage high school work. “I have good memories of the many great teachers I had at Springer,” he remembers.

When he is not in school or volunteering, Brad enjoys Taekwondo – he’s halfway to a black belt. And though he admits it’s early to make this decision, he is thinking that when he goes to college he will study computer science or engineering.

Blogger Mary Ann Mulcahey, PhD, shares her expertise in assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities and ADHD, and the social/emotional adjustment to those issues. If you have questions, please contact Mary Ann at mmulcahey@springer-ld.org.

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