Tips on Time Management


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Tips for Encouraging Time Management

Time Management is the act of using time efficiently – easier said than done! How can we help our children (and ourselves) develop and utilize a time management system/strategy that is actually successful in the short and long term?

  • Be as organized as possible.
    • Focus on one organizational issue and let others rest while you gain control in this one area. 
    • Make lists, and use a device such as a smart phone to help you manage the lists.
    • Color-code files, folders, calendars, lists or whatever needs differing attention.
  • Plan ahead as best you can. 
    • Use a calendar system.  When you receive a deadline for a job, task or assignment, document the due date and work backwards in order to break the task into manageable chunks.
  • Find the calendar system that best suits your brain. 
    • Block style calendar with space to jot down events of the day 
    • Hour-by-hour style calendar with color-coded events throughout the day 
    • Combination style listing daily To-Do’s along with plans for the week or month
  • Prioritize your tasks.
  • Avoid over-planning.
    • Estimate the time it will take to accomplish each task.
    • Note how long a task actually took to become “in-touch” with time.
  • Use technology as an organizational prosthetic. 
    • Use a smart phone to create lists, access and set calendar dates, create deadlines, get directions, send email/text reminders to self, etc. 
    • A dedicated laptop or iPad for school/home/work can also create a holding environment for documents, numbers, reminders, calendar, etc. 
    • Technology today has become very user-friendly, and you can find an app. that provides a solution for just about any problem.