Normal Isn't Real

Join Cincinnati Children's and Springer for an exclusive screening of a new documentary film, Normal Isn't Real. The film shares the stories of four young adults who have found success with ADHD and learning disabilities. After the film there will be a panel discussion with Springer alumni.

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Sabin Center, Cincinnati Children's
3333 Burnet Rd. Cincinnati
$10 per person

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The primary goal of this film is to help young people struggling with ADHD and LD reach their full potential. Their odds for success increase dramatically when they have the support of their parents, teachers and community members.  Some ways in which these stories can increase those odds:

  • Change how the public, families, teachers, employers, and often the people with LD and ADHD themselves, view these issues. Shift the focus away from the deficits and focus on creative ways to access strengths. 
  • Stimulate new ways of thinking about careers and the future by identifying strengths and strategies for managing LD and ADHD issues.   
  • Motivate people with LD and ADHD to persevere in their efforts to develop skills and strategies leading to success.  
  • Inspire hope in people with LD and ADHD- and around them- that their lives can be full and rewarding.


  • Students with LD and ADHD in middle school, high school, college  
  • Parents of children with these issues
  • Teachers and Educators concerned with ADHD and LD 
  • Young people with these issues transitioning to the workplace
  • Adults and young adults with LD and ADHD exploring their own paths to success
  • Employers working with people with these issues
  • Anyone who cares about these issues and the people who live with them