There are a variety of reasons why students struggle in school. If the primary cause of those struggles is a learning disability, Springer can help. As defined by the National Center for Learning Disabilities common learning disabilities include:
    • Dyslexia - a learning disability in reading
    • Dyscalculia - a learning disability in math
    • Dysgraphia - a term that describes a struggle to produce written content
Other difficulties that affect learning include ADHD and executive functioning deficits. Springer’s program is entirely designed and dedicated to helping empower students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives.

Who we serve

Springer is proud to be solely dedicated to supporting students with learning disabilities.  Springer’s roots date back to 1887, and since 1971 we have been committed to serving students with significant struggles in reading, mathematics, and writing. We recognize that many students diagnosed with a learning disability also struggle with organization and attention. Our academic program has been developed to address the needs of these students in order to best position them for a successful future.


What We Know

A learning disability is neurological. Students diagnosed with a learning disability have different needs because their brains are structured and function differently from those of traditional learners. Therefore, our school provides a learning environment that best meets their needs. In our school, small classes and small group multi-sensory instruction are hallmarks of a Springer education.

Through our Diagnostic Center and Learning Center we provide services that allow others in our region to understand the systems that our students need. Students diagnosed with learning disabilities struggle in traditional classrooms not because of a lack of effort, but because they need direct, explicit instruction from individuals who understand how to meet their needs.


Our commitment

We educate students, parents and professionals.  True to our mission, we are invested in helping students with learning disabilities lead successful lives. That mission is not limited to those within our four walls.

Our commitment comes with a responsibility to help others in our community understand the needs of students diagnosed with learning disabilities, as well as dispel the myths associated with learning disabilities. We aspire to help others gain a deep, meaningful understanding of ways in which they can support their child so that they can be successful in school and in life.