Our Middle School is composed of roughly 100 students in Grades Six, Seven and Eight organized in two teams: the Blue Team and the Gray Team. Students from each grade level are divided relatively evenly between the teams with decisions grounded in student learning needs while also taking into account social dynamics and other factors. Every attempt is made to keep students on the same team throughout Middle School so that students form meaningful relationships with peers and instructors during their tenure at Springer.

Knowing our students

Our students need academic remediation, 21st century school programs, and a little bit of… space!  Middle School students in many schools may struggle to settle in socially, but not at Springer. Learning struggles prior to coming to Springer are a commonality that bonds our students together more quickly than many parents would have thought. Once they are engaged in classes, they realize they can have academic success because they are in the right system to meet their needs.

Springer’s “Independence” system allows Middle School students to earn privileges such as the ability to listen to music during independent work time, to travel freely to and from specials classes, and to earn a hall pass that is entered into a weekly raffle. “Independence” is earned through consistent demonstration of preparedness and responsibility for classwork and homework. Taking part in student council, community service opportunities and a seventh and eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. every other year help round out a Middle School education at Springer.


Student Learning

Thoughtfully-designed rigor. After a morning Homeroom/Advisory period Middle School students have seven classes throughout the day. Students also engage in Eagles READ, a designated time for students to "Read, Enjoy, And Discover" books on their independent reading levels every day. Morning classes conclude with students going to lunch and enjoying a recess period. All Middle School students take courses in the Wilson Reading System®, STEAM, Mathematics, Literature, Science, Social Studies as well as attend Unified Arts classes such as Physical Education, Art, Library and Music throughout the week.

Instruction and Support

A system designed for success. Springer’s Middle School classrooms are all comprised of both a lead Classroom Teacher as well as an Instructional Assistant who provides additional support for learning. Instruction takes place in both large groups as well as in small group settings, allowing for students to be confident sharing their thoughts and comfortable asking questions. Classrooms typically contain 12-15 students, granting each student access to individual support as well as space to work independently or with peers.


Middle School Student Life