Our Lower School is made up of about 100 students organized in three teams: the Green Team, the Blue Team and the Gray Team. Although some variations take place in any given year, our Lower School Green team is typically composed of our youngest students in Grade One through Grade Three. The Lower School Blue and Gray teams educate students in Grades Four and Five. Students in these grades are divided between the two parallel teams, with learning needs and social dynamics being important considerations in classroom placement. 


Knowing our students

Our students need academic remediation, 21st century school programs, and a little bit of fun!  Students in our Lower School are invited to arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. to start their day with recess, getting their brains and bodies engaged. Our program balances the needs of highly skilled educators in academic content areas with our students’ ability to thrive in a learning environment that offers limited disruptions. All Lower School students take part in Responsive Classroom during the day, building classroom and school community, and supporting academic and social/emotional growth.

All Lower School  students have recess later in the day, which we believe provides the right amount of time for play that keeps students at this age engaged throughout a rigorous day of academics.

Student Learning

Balancing the needs of students with high-quality instruction. Lower school students are placed in classrooms based on their academic instructional levels.  Morning classes include morning meetings followed by an ELA (English Language Arts) model which includes Wilson Reading System®, Literature, and Writing. Also, Eagles READ is a designated time for students to "Read, Enjoy, And Discover" books on their independent reading levels.  The morning ends with lunch and recess for the students. In the afternoon, engagement in academic learning includes Science, Social Studies, STEAM, Math, and Unified Arts (Physical Education, Music, and Art).

Instruction and Support

Two adults makes a difference. Springer’s Lower School classrooms are led by a classroom teacher and supported by a second adult, whom we call an Instructional Assistant, who provides additional instructional help for students. Teachers and Instructional Assistants provide guidance in both large group and small group settings, allowing for a natural flow of the class with direct encouragement from highly-trained adults in the room. Faculty and Instructional Assistants to provide a great amount of attention and academic support to students.

Lower School Student Life