“The only wish I have is that we had made the switch sooner!”   


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  • I believe the faculty and staff at Springer are invaluable. My heart has a special place for these hard-working, well-educated, talented, and compassionate people. My daughter is cherished for who she is and what she can do. Being able to see the light in my child, and every child, is a gift that Springer gives abundantly. Springer’s helped my daughter to discover her best self. I truly can’t be grateful enough for this. And a bonus for me was having what felt like a friend in the IEP meetings - a professional whose single priority was nailing down what was best for my daughter. For me, the Springer difference is the people - and the people are fabulous!
    Maureen Geiger
  • Nathan has just made his first solo flight through UC Clermont/Sporty's Aviation program. Springer played a big part in why Nathan was able to make this goal. All the support, education, and positive reinforcement Springer offered, taught Nathan to believe in himself and have the confidence to complete such a huge accomplishment. There have been so many teachers that have come in and out of his life and they all have made a difference. We want to say THANK YOU to all the teachers for everything you all have done and will continue to do.
    The Anzel Family
  • It's crazy to think about how far I've come. I used to not be able to read a page of a book without bursting into tears. I still have trouble with my Dyslexia and ADHD, but I have a pretty good handle on it. I still can't spell to save my life, get headaches when I read for too long, and often put my foot in my mouth when it comes to talking to people, but it's 50 times better than what it was when I walked into Cari Kelly's classroom in the 4th grade. Looking back, Springer taught me so much and was able to help me get ahead of where I was supposed to be. I was able to walk into high school more prepared than most of the other kids in my class. I want to thank you all and I will never forget the five years I spent there.
    Alexander Betz
  • Springer has a very warm and welcoming environment. You feel as if you are at home the moment you walk in. I have never seen a principal/faculty/staff as positive,encouraging, and respectful as Springer's are! It is nice to know that people actually understand and care about what your child is going through. Springer does a great job at trying to develop the child as a whole, in a positive supportive manner. My son has never been happier to go to school, and has felt more confidence in himself, than when he started at Springer. As parents, we think that that speaks volumes about the environment that he is in. We have met great families, and everyone is willing to talk to you, and take the time to get to know you! Our son is experiencing success for the first time in a long time, thanks to Springer. We now feel that his possibilities are endless with the great foundation in academic skills, self-help skills and confidence that he is receiving at Springer. Springer is beyond a treasure for those families who are fortunate enough to have their child(ren) attend, and something that we will be forever grateful for. You have amazing administrators and a dedicated, professional and loving faculty.
    Springer Parent
  • Thank you!!! We all just adore your support and the loving environment that you offer our children! Feeling so blessed!
    Anitra Moore
    Springer Parent
  • My son is so incredibly lucky to be counted among the recipients of this opportunity. When we found out about Springer, we NEVER thought we would be able to afford this opportunity but our wish came true. Call today! They help more than you can imagine.
    Springer Parent
  • My son is currently a middle school student at Springer. We couldn't be happier with the purposeful presentation of the school's curriculum, the dedication of the faculty and administration and the supportive environment that considers not just academic and learning strategies, but the social-emotional development of its students. My son is thriving academically AND building friendships with peers and adults alike. I wish every student who struggles with attention and language-based learning differences could experience a school like Springer.
    Jessica Boone
    Springer Parent
  • School overall is amazing and did awesome things for me as a student I never realized it, but as an adult I realize the school has given me so much and I wouldn't be where I am today without Springer.
    Springer Alumnus
  • Springer helped me; not only have I become better at reading, but I have also learned that I’m not alone and how to advocate for myself. Springer helped me work hard in order to get better in classes that are hard for me and taught me how to get help when I need it.
    Preston Carey
  • The school has so many strengths. They understand that each child learns differently, they need instruction specifically for them. Every single member of the staff is incredible. They're kind, understanding and knowledgeable. The staff is simply amazing. The atmosphere at Springer is like no other school. It almost can't be put into words. It's so positive. It's so inviting, accommodating, and encouraging. There is this feeling of belonging, of not being judged, of not feeling different. The kids feel safe there, they feel smart. They feel confident, which is priceless. They go above and beyond for every child. The strategies that they use at Springer, in the atmosphere and environment that they create should be used in every school, everywhere. There is no better school than Springer.
    Springer Parent
  • It was the best phone call we ever made!
    Mark Dandridge
    Springer Parent
  • Before I came to Springer, I was afraid to ask for help, but now I advocate for the tools I need. Springer has helped me to be independent.
    Maggie Motch
  • I understand my work a lot better and I’m more confident. I will always remember my time at Springer because the teachers never gave up on helping me with my learning disability.
    Ruby Rosenblum