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Pre-recorded Webinars

Running Miles for Dyslexia with Jared Blank

Speaker. Coach. Athlete...and so much more! Jared runs so others can read. In this webinar Jared Blank shares his personal and heartfelt story of growing up with dyslexia. Learn how he used his struggles to propel him forward in the sport of running, and hear about his mission to raise awareness. Jared names the difference makers who contributed to his success and teaches us how to support children who live with dyslexia.

Docu-video available here.

Executive Function and ADHD: Establishing Positive Behaviors at Home

Through this webinar,  you will learn about developing positive behaviors at home when a child has ADHD and Executive Function issues. 

This program addresses how to develop routines that support the development of EF skills and emphasizes practical strategies that you can begin using today!

Fee: $5.00

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Development of Children with ADHD: What Does the Future Hold? 

In this recorded presentation, Dr. David Anderson discusses the stages of development of a child with ADHD and their symptoms, and emphasizes early intervention for better management of symptoms. Parents will gain an understanding of how to prioritize coping skills and how to enlist a child’s buy in and acceptance of their ADHD.

Fee: $10.00

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Living with ADHD: Small Steps Towards a More Peaceful Home

Lisa K. Woodruff, author of “How ADHD Affects Home Organization”, shares her insights about how organization is a skill that can be learned. Lisa helps parents gain insight into how to help children with ADHD take ownership of their environment, learn organizing skills, and create organizing routines that WORK!

Fee: $10.00

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Jonathan Mooney: Making Difference Count

During this pre-recorded webinar, Springer Distinguished Speaker Jonathan Mooney illustrated his ideas from his personal and professional experiences as a person with dyslexia and student with ADHD. Through his experiences and forward-thinking philosophies, Jonathan was able to present his broad academic knowledge of education, psychology, sociology and history of learning and disability.
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