My elementary-aged child struggles in school. Could Springer help?
Maybe yes! Please contact our Admissions Team through our website. This will help us to promptly schedule a phone call that matches your availability.

How do I know if my child struggles to learn?

You may suspect your child has a learning disability because he has difficulty recognizing letters, sounding out words, reading fluently, comprehending text, understanding mathematics, or completing written assignments. To find out more about the evaluation process, contact our Admissions Team through our website.

Do you have students who are gifted?
Of course we do. As long as an academic learning disability is present, we can support your child. Contact our Admissions Team through our website.

How do I apply to Springer?
Contact our Admissions Team through our website.

When do we begin the admissions process?
The admissions process can begin at any point in the year. New students are admitted as space allows. Most new students begin in the fall. Contact our Admissions Team by Email, or through our website.

Does a student need to have an official diagnosis to attend?
No. Springer does not require students to have an educational or medical diagnosis, although we do require that a psychoeducational evaluation be completed as the first step in the admissions process. Contact our Admissions Team to learn more.

What can I expect during my parent visit to Springer?
This is an opportunity for you to gather more information about Springer. You will also tour the school building. Your visit will last approximately 90 minutes. To discuss more, contact our websiteAdmissions Team to learn more.
How can I afford Springer?

When we found out about Springer, we NEVER thought we would be able to afford this opportunity, but our wish came true. Call today!” - current Springer parent

Click here to see the basics of affording Springer broken down into an infographic. To find out next steps in understanding this financial possibility, contact us to discuss options.

Is financial aid available?
Need-based financial aid is available to assist with covering the cost of day school tuition. Springer is able to provide this assistance through our annual fundraising events, Annual Fund donations, and individual scholarship funds. Springer is also a provider for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, available to Ohio families. Three out of four children who attend Springer receive one or both types of assistance.
How will I know Springer is working for my child?
You and your child will both deeply know Springer is effective. You will gain more in knowledge and confidence as your child progresses from day to day. Our faculty will spend time with you discussing your child’s strengths and weaknesses while applying this information to the classroom and reflecting on their growth through assessments. To discuss more, contact our Admissions Team.

What happens when students commence from Springer?
Commencing students and their families are offered support through Springer's Placement Director. Placement services are provided for the first year after leaving Springer. Click for more information about placement. To learn more, contact our Admissions Team.


What disabilities are not served at Springer?

What diagnoses can be part of the learning profile of a Springer student?
When children are evaluated, there are a lot of terms and diagnosis that can be used by a variety of professionals, some are; Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Apraxia, Dyspraxia, and Speech and Language Impairments. Also, a child may be diagnosed with ADHD or a Learning Disability in Reading (such as Dyslexia), Writing, or Mathematics. To determine if your child’s diagnosis would meet the criteria of having an academic learning disability, contact our Admissions Team.