"Springer Helped Me in Every Way"

With severe dyslexia, Johnny Schaller was still struggling to learn to read in the third grade. School was very difficult for him.

Johnny attended Springer for grades 3 through 8, learning the skills and strategies that have helped him to find success at Badin High School where he is now a senior, making plans for college. “Springer helped me equip myself for high school and for my future,” said Johnny. “I developed a good work ethic there as well.”

In high school, Johnny has been successful in advanced college placement classes in math, science and English. He uses computer software he learned about at Springer to write papers and complete assignments. Johnny has been accepted at the University of Dayton, St. Louis University and Xavier University. He plans to study developmental psychology, and to eventually earn a Master’s degree and work in research.

“Springer helped me in every way,” said Johnny. “I’m so thankful I could go to Springer.”


Placement Services at Springer

placementOur goal at Springer is to prepare students to leave our school. We are successful when our students have developed the capabilities that allow them to be successful in traditional schools, and to advocate for supports and accommodations they might need. A student typically stays at Springer for three to four years.

Springer provides comprehensive placement services aimed at finding the best school environment for the student, and smoothing the transition into the new school. The placement process actually begins when a child enters Springer, as parents, teachers and child come together to discover the student’s strengths, weaknesses and need for compensatory strategies. This new knowledge becomes the basis for self- and parent advocacy in the new school and beyond.

placementDuring the student’s final year at Springer, Placement Director Terri Moorhead works with parents, providing recommendations regarding placement, facilitating the completion of forms that are required by the new school, and participating in Evaluation Team Reports (ETR) and Individual Education Plan (IEP) processes.

At the parent’s request, Terri can also meet with the new school to present a profile of the student and recommend accommodations, modifications and/or support. Terri is available during the child’s first year at the new school for consultation, and to aid in communication with the school.

For questions regarding placement, please contact Terri Moorhead at 513 871-6080 ext. 238.