"Before I went to Springer, I thought I didn't have a brain. I couldn't handle school. I was frustrated trying to learn and I didn't get it. So my Mom and Dad sent me to Springer to learn, where I finally figured out that I DO have a brain."
–Springer graduate

Your gift to Springer School and Center gives a child the chance to Succeed.

For more than 45 years, Springer has provided children with learning disabilities a safe, nurturing place to grow, while learning how to learn.

Many of our day school students come from families that cannot afford the cost of tuition. More than one out of every three families who enroll their child at Springer receives financial aid. Your gifts help us meet the ever-increasing demand for financial support. Contributions also help us strengthen the community by providing programs for students, parents, and educators about the detection and intervention of learning disabilities.

“My time at Springer has meant more than words can say. I’ve learned many things and accomplished many goals. It took time to understand that each year was a step up into a new world.”
—Springer student

This is why your support is so critical.

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