blog 15.9.23“Meredith is happier at school than I have seen her in two years!”

A parent new to Springer recently shared this with me, only one week into the new school year. I took the opportunity to ask Elizabeth about the process of deciding to send her daughter to Springer. I wanted to know what kind of impression Springer makes for newcomers, and what helped her to make her decision.

“Our first email contact was promptly responded to,” said Elizabeth. “We met with the Admissions Director the following week. When we visited, everyone we encountered was very welcoming.”

During their conversations with Springer staff, Elizabeth and Meredith felt heard and understood. “We were able to meet the Principal and the Upper School Team Leader,” Elizabeth remembered. “We were very relieved the more we heard about the details of the school. We felt we did not have to spend time explaining and convincing how difficult school had been for our daughter. They understood!”

“We asked about homework, which was very difficult for Meredith. When she was told that if she did not understand the homework she would be able to work through it with a teacher, the look of relief on her face was memorable. The interview with my daughter sealed the deal. She left feeling hopeful.”

“The next day I asked Meredith what she thought. She said she didn’t want to go through what she did last year. She wanted to go to Springer!”

No one can predict the future, and it’s hard to know if a new school will make a difference for a child with a learning disability. But a visit to Springer can go a long way toward providing answers, relieving fears and inspiring hope. Call 513 871-6080 ext. 211 to schedule your personalized tour today!

Blogger and Admissions Director Carmen Mendoza, MEd, shares her expertise in the educational placement of students with learning disabilities.


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    Mon, 10/05/2015 - 3:07am reply

    its great to know, when i hear story like this, its made me feel happy that choosing the Springer was the best decision i took for my kid, thanks for being there.

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