Mission + Values

To fulfill our mission, we are committed to fostering an educational setting that includes and respects the different perspectives of all members of our community. We welcome students, families, and staff from diverse backgrounds.

Springer School and Center provides a program totally dedicated to children with learning disabilities. Every adult at Springer understands learning disabilities and responds to children through that understanding. This appropriate environment permits a child to believe in and work toward his/her potential.

The Springer Mission is to empower students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives.

We believe that all students with learning disabilities have the ability to succeed educationally, socially, and personally, and to ultimately become responsible for their own learning.

Core Values

Student Growth/Development:  Our Mission intent is very clear: Empower students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives. The key resources critical for this development are leadership with vision, a highly professional, knowledgeable staff with caring hearts, and a robust, research-based comprehensive program that is developmentally appropriate for each child. Both objective testing and demonstrated capacity to self-manage are used to track the students’ progress.

Staff Expertise/Development:  Springer is as strong as its staff. Their expertise, commitment to the mission, resourcefulness in dealing with multiple challenges, and loyalty to the organization are the pillars on which the performances and reputation of Springer stands. The field of learning disabilities is continually evolving more effective strategies and technologies. Opportunity for staff to continue training and development is key to sustaining this most important asset.

Partnership:  Students demonstrate partnership through active participation in their education. The partnership among the key stake holders in Springer’s success - parents, staff, administration, board and donors - requires all members to know, understand and strongly support Springer’s mission, strategic initiatives and values (marching to the same beat) and to have clear expectations of each other through role clarity and activity tied to agreed-upon strategic initiatives.

Communication:  All work is done through relationships and communications. Relationships should have the characteristics of openness, integrity, flexibility, respectfulness, professional behavior, value-adding, and collegial in celebrating successes/learning from failures. Communication should be constructive, focused, thorough, and timely.

Stability:  The programs, facilities and general operations are sustained through Executive and Board leadership, planning, staff retention, sound financial management, and fund development; and are maintained through organizational processes via plans, policies, procedures, well-defined roles and accountabilities.