Commitment to Community

Springer School and Center is committed to serving Greater Cincinnati as the area’s premier resource for learning disabilities.  Families, educators and clinicians who work with children with learning disabilities will find us a source of information, referrals and programs.

Our Commitment to Families

  • Springer’s day school is the only school in the region dedicated to educating children with learning disabilities. Springer’s specialized research-based curriculum and support strategies help students with learning disabilities build the educational, emotional and social skills needed for success in the classroom – and everywhere else!
  • Parents can call our center with questions about their child’s learning challenges (513 871-6080 ext. 402). Our expert staff helps parents sort through the confusing academic and behavioral issues that they are encountering, and can make referrals to appropriate professional help.
  • Student programs build confidence and teach practical strategies that are tailored for each child’s unique learning style.
  • Parent programs equip parents to better support their child’s learning, and to become effective advocates for their child in school.

Day school curriculum and center programs are research-based and reflect current thinking about learning disabilities education. Our experience in the day school enriches our outreach through the center, and our expertise in the center informs curriculum in the day school.


Our Commitment to Professionals

  • Educator programs offer state-of-the-art professional development opportunities for educators and clinicians. Workshops ranging from a day to a week in length are offered at Springer’s campus or can be brought to schools.
  • National speakers are brought to Cincinnati through a partnership between Springer and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.
  • Collaboration with the University of Cincinnati’s college of education has trained hundreds of pre-service teachers in strategies for meeting the needs of the diverse learners they will encounter.