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Specialized, affordable, professional development training, tailored to the current needs of your teachers and students
Finding meaningful professional development is an important goal of administrative teams, but not always an easy task. Springer School and Center can help you achieve this goal by providing affordable and dynamic, research-based training, directly to your school or district.

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Current Menu of Programs – Tailored to Your Needs:

Executive Function and ADHD: Why is School Such a Struggle?
One-Day Workshop

Weaknesses in executive function and a diagnosis of ADHD significantly impact student achievement, but the right classroom supports can build skills that lead to success.
To realize success in the classroom, students with executive function deficits must be explicitly taught skills which may come easily to others.
Skills related to executive function include:

  • planning
  • organizing
  • remembering
  • breaking large tasks into small ones
  • setting goals
  • activating to accomplish goals    

Practical strategies for developing classroom procedures that support the development of executive function will be presented. Participants will leave with a working knowledge of the interaction of ADHD and executive function, and the ability to design interventions based on individual student profiles.

Key Learning:

  • Investigate ADHD as a diagnosed breakdown in executive function.
  • Examine the components of executive function skills (planning, organizing, prioritizing, working memory, thinking flexibly and self-regulation) and their impact on academic and social/emotional functioning.
  • Practice ways to weave executive function supports into your school environment.

Executive Function Strategies to Support Success in Reading, Writing and Math

Successful students understand the process of learning, use a variety of strategies to learn across the curriculum, and are persistent in their learning efforts. However, struggling students and students with Executive Function deficits are not proficient in the use of strategies, causing these students to never quite move from recall and reproduction to demonstrating concepts, strategic thinking, and extended thinking.

Participants will acquire methods to identify the roots of many academic struggles.  Participants will also learn explicit strategy instruction, a research-based method to help struggling students learn how to learn, breaking the cycle of failure in reading, writing, and math these students have often experienced.

Key Learning:

  • Investigate classroom-based assessment techniques to identify learning weaknesses.
  • Learn the process for effective strategy instruction in all content areas to boost demonstration of concepts, strategic thinking, and extended thinking.
  • Discover evidence-based strategies for instruction in reading, writing, and math to take back to the classroom.