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The Child Beneath the Stress: Parenting Children with Executive Function Challenges

Lynn Meltzer, PhD

Executive Function is the set of mental processes that help us to connect past experiences with present action to perform activities such as planning, organizing and managing time. In this two-hour evening program for parents, Dr. Meltzer will explore the role of Executive Function in all aspects of academic success.

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Parents find it invaluable when they gain the ability to understand their child as a learner, advocate for their child when academic challenges arise, and work with the school to accomplish academic success for their child.

Springer's parent classes give parents insight, knowledge, and the language to use when working on behalf of their child. Our center staff is also available to help parents interpret educational testing results, consider next steps, and advocate for their child for optimal learning success in school.

Center programs:

  • Teach parents ways to help their child at home and at school
  • Provide interactions with other parents who share similar concerns
  • Develop a better understanding of learning disabilities
Programs on Springer's Campus

Throughout the school year, the center offers parents a selection of evening classes, covering a wide variety of topics. Topics may include such information as supporting emerging readers, students with ADHD, reading comprehension, or time management. Parent programs held on Springer’s campus cost $10 each.

Programs at Your School  

Springer School and Center is able to offer a limited number of free parent programs to area schools, thanks to a grant from the Chemed Foundation. Prompt registration is required. Programs can be scheduled to fit your school's specific need.
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Consultation and Referral Services

Our experts in the education of children with learning disabilities can help parents sort through educational testing results and academic and behavioral issues, as well as advise parents on advocating for their child in school. We can also provide referrals for professional and educational services. Contact the center at 513 871-6080 ext. 402 or center@springer-ld.org to learn more about consultation and referral services.