Why Some Children Struggle in Math and What We Can Do About It

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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Marilyn Zecher’s presentation will focus on some common difficulties children face in learning mathematics.  It will include a description of the core deficits in math and ways that we can help students succeed.  Some common instructional models and simple strategies that teachers and parents can use to help young people succeed will be discussed.  Participants will be exposed to simple manipulatives which can be used to model math concepts, some intervention strategies and lots of hands-on activities which can make math fun.

Marilyn Zecher, M.A., CALT

Marilyn is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences including IDA, LDA, & NCTM, Ms. Zecher specializes in evidence-based methods and interventions for all students but which are especially effective with students having learning disabilities in the fields of mathematics and study skills.  Her presentations incorporate multisensory strategies, the principles of UDL, and applications from NCTM, The What Works Clearinghouse and the Common Core State Standards.