Unified Arts

The Unified Arts department includes art, music, physical education. The primary goals of Unified Arts are to build an appreciation for the arts and to develop student abilities in each of these disciplines  Students are evaluated by demonstrating their best work. Students have further opportunities to pursue their interests in the arts through after-school programs.  

Art Teacher
Corrinne Thaler
Music Teacher
Judy McMahon
Physical Education Teacher
Mark Phelps


  • Curriculum is based on the elements and principles of design.
  • Various mediums used include watercolor and tempera paints, pencil drawing, clay, pastels, paper, fibers, and print making.
  • Students work with 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art forms. Various artists and cultures are featured each year.
  • Students attend art class once per week.
  • Our ever-changing art display is showcased in the "Springer Art Gallery" in the first floor hallway.


  • Incorporates many rhythmic activities, creative expression, listening, singing and playing instruments. Various classical composers are featured each year.
  • Primary and Intermediate music curriculum incorporates elements of the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy.
  • Middle School includes a musical theatre unit.
  • All students participate in  a World Drumming curriculum featuring ensembles from Africa and the Caribbean Islands.
  • Students attend music class once per week.

Physical Education

  • The "Challenge by Choice" unit begins the year -- these activities develop group cohesiveness and problem solving.
  • Development of essential skills and fitness through traditional games and sports activities is the focus throughout the remainder of the year.
  • All students participate in wall climbing activities on Springer's horizontal and vertical indoor climbing wall
  • Students attend physical education classes twice a week.