A child’s job is to learn. Children with learning disabilities face challenges every day that most students don’t have to face. Springer students learn the strategies and techniques that help them do their jobs. They become able to understand concepts that had eluded them, perform what is asked, and feel good about themselves.

Springer students come from all over the region - 56 Zip codes. Approximately 50% attended public schools, 20% parochial schools and 30% private schools prior to enrolling at Springer.

What Our Students Have Said:

"The strategies that help me are using Dragon Dictate (speech-to-text software), going out in the hall to find a quiet space to work, and using sticky notes to help me remember."   ~ Summer, current student

"Springer has made me a stronger person, a confident person. I feel I am a better person because I went to Springer. One of my high school teachers complimented me on how well I knew myself as a learner."    ~ Morgan, 2013 graduate

"I've learned strategies like using a chart to help me with homework, or making it a goal to advocate for myself in class."     ~ Graciela, 2017 graduate

"My experience at Springer has helped shape my life in more ways than I can ever express. I would not have been able to accomplish my goals or build my dreams without the tools that were provided to me by this outstanding program."     ~ Emily, 1999 graduate

"I like how I can be more independent and do everything as an individual."     ~ Max, current student