Middle School Photos

April 14, 2021

Glaciers and Landslides

In their study of earth science, Middle School students explored the nature of glaciers and landslides using models. "Glaciers" made by freezing water with stones and sand in the bottom were scraped over clay "land" to simulate deposition and grooving of the underlying rock. The effect of vegetation on the occurrence of landslides was observed by measuring the angle at which "land" began to slide with and without rooted trees.
March 22, 2021

Erosion and Weathering

Students in Mrs. Gray's science classes learned about erosion and weathering by creating sloped models of rivers using sand and rocks, and pouring water at the top of the slope. Students recorded their observations about the effect of the flowing water on their landscapes. Students livestreaming from home can be seen participating via laptop.
March 22, 2021

Pirates Learning Math

One of Mrs. Wise's Math classes won a reward and voted to have a "pirate party." Students chose from a variety of "pirate-y accessories" to wear, and divided into two teams.  The teams solved math problems and earned "cannonballs" of crumpled black paper for correct answers. The party ended with a "cannonball battle."
March 22, 2021

Middle School Publishing Parties

Middle School Literature classes held Publishing Parties in March. Student authors shared their writing with their classmates, and offered encouragement and constructive feedback as they enjoyed hot chocolate.
March 15, 2021

Pi Day Celebrations

Middle School students celebrated Pi Day (March 14) by bringing in round objects, many of them edible. They measured the circumference and calculated the area, then enjoyed a treat!
March 5, 2021

Spheres of the Earth

Middle School science classes explored the "spheres" of the earth by creating models or posters that represented and labeled the atmosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere.
March 2, 2021

The Lemonade War

Middle School students Austin Holt and Sloane Lipson read the book The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies, a book about a brother and sister who have a 'lemonade war,' each trying to earn the most money at their lemonade stand. The students thought it would be fun to create their own lemonade stand and give lemonade to teachers as a thank you. They also shared information about the book they read and fun facts about lemons. 
February 22, 2021

Magnetic Slime

Middle School science students created "magnetic slime" by adding iron filings into a slime recipe that includes glue and starch. They used magnets to explore the magnetic properties of the slime and found that when a magnet was placed near a ball of slime, the slime reached out and engulfed the magnet, surrounding it completely.
February 3, 2021

Exploring Magnetism

Mrs. Gray's science classes learned about magnetism through hands-on exploration, observing the effect of magnets on a compass, and magnetizing iron objects such as nails and bolts.
January 21, 2021

Electricity in a Lemon

Middle School science classes explored electricity by measuring the voltage generated across various fruits and vegetables, using a copper penny and a galvanized steel nail for the electrodes.
October 30, 2020


Mrs. Kimble's Middle School literature class practiced "sketchnoting." A multisensory approach to taking notes, sketchnoting incorporates drawings along with words.
October 30, 2020

Harvesting Kale

Middle School students harvested the kale and peas they planted in early September and then made kale chips.