Employment Opportunities


Springer School and Center, the #1 resource for learning disabilities in the region, is currently accepting applications for the following positions.

Counselor/Student Life Coordinator

IEP Liaison

Library Media Specialist

Lower School Teacher

Substitute Teacher

 Descriptions for each position can be found below.

Applications must include: a cover letter, resume and the Employment Application.

Applications can be emailed to employment@springer-ld.org or mailed to Employment, Springer School and Center, 2121 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208 

Please no phone calls

Employment Application:

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Counselor/Student Life Coordinator (posted 4/12/17)

The primary responsibilities of this full-time position include supporting the social/emotional needs of the students through direct and indirect service; teaching Student Development classes to the Middle School students; and coordinating leadership opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

  • Support the ongoing social/emotional needs of the student body through individual and small group work
  • Plan and lead or co-facilitate lunch/recess groups
  • Teach seven Student Development classes per week
  • Serve as a resource to all staff on social/emotional development and behavior management
  • Develop and supervise extra-curricular programs
  • Serve as a Student Council Advisor

Qualifications: The ideal candidate has an advanced degree in Counseling, Psychology or Social Work; experience working with elementary age students; extensive knowledge of counseling techniques, behavioral problem solving, and team and parent collaboration; strong organizational, analytical, and communication skills; and demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development.

To Apply:  Please submit a cover letter, resume and the Employment application. 


IEP Liaison (posted 4/25/17)

The primary role of the Peterson Team IEP Liaison is to facilitate Springer families' access to the Peterson Scholarship by collaborating with local school districts and Springer teachers, ensuring compliance, and progress monitoring.  Extensive skills in the IEP/ETR process and team/parent collaboration a must.

Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the liaison between staff, parents, and local school districts for Peterson Scholarship caseload.
  • Manage ongoing progress monitoring and data collection for students on Peterson Scholarship Caseload.
  • Complete IEP progress reports for Peterson Scholarship caseload.  
  • Collaborate with colleagues about the academic and personal development of the students assigned to his/her Peterson Scholarship caseload.
  • Model, promote, and support best practices in progress monitoring.
  • Collaborate with local school districts in the development of the IEP and ETR.


Degree in Special Education or School Psychology, excellent analytical, organizational and communicatoin skills, working knowledge of the ETR/IEP process.

We invite qualified candidates to consider becoming part of our community by submitting a cover letter, resume, and application by email at employment@springer-ld.org or mail to Employment: IEP Liaison, 2121 Madison Rd.  Cincinnati, Ohio 45208.

Competitive compensation and benefits. Start date: August 7, 2017


LIbrary Media Specialist (posted 4/11/17)

Responsibilities of this full-time position: the library media specialist is the teaching professional, library media center manager, information specialist, and instructional partner who supports the mission of the school library media program, ensuring that all students and staff are effective users of the available resources.  

  • Provides instruction in locating, analyzing, and effectively using information resources for all curriculum needs.
  • Collaborates with teaching staff to deliver ongoing instruction in the acquisition of information literacy skills.
  • Encourages students and teachers to maximize the use of information in various formats, including print, electronic, and network, as well as promotes the ethical use of information technology.
  • Selects and evaluates library media center information resources that provide a wide variety of materials to meet the learning needs of the school community.
  • Customizes instruction to serve diverse learning populations through varying instructional activities, integrating appropriate technology, and promoting models of information acquisition and use.
  • Integrates fiction and non-fiction works into lesson design, is knowledgeable about children’s and young adult literature, and motivates students to appreciate reading as a lifelong activity.
  • Maintains, manages, organizes and supervises the library collection, including the acquisition and withdrawal of materials as necessary.
  • Promotes and publicizes the use of the library media center as an environment for learning and enjoyment, including regular communication with school staff regarding library activities and programs.
  • As a school faculty member, participates in school committees, and serves as an advocate of the school library media program.

Qualifications: Ideal candidate possess a Masters in Library Science or minimum of 24 semester hours in school library media preparation; has a minimum of 3 years experience; experience working with students who have learning disabilities and ADHD; strong collaboration and communication skills; and demonstrated commitment to professional development.

We invite qualified candidates to consider becoming part of our community by submitting a cover letter, resume, and application by email at employment@springer-ld.org or mail to Employment: Library Media Specialist, 2121 Madison Rd.  Cincinnati, Ohio 45208.

Competitive compensation and benefits. Start date: July 31, 2017


Lower School Teacher (posted 4/8/17)

The Lower School serves students ages 6-10. The classroom teacher is responsible for instruction in reading, written language, math, and either science, social students or technology/health. Class size ranges from 11-13; each classroom is supported by a full-time instructional assistant. Experience in providing differentiated instruction across academic areas and team/parent collaboration a must.  The Interdisciplinary Team consists of the classroom teachers within the team, language therapist, occupational therapist and psychologist assigned to the team, the Unified Arts Team, (Art, Music, and Physical Education), and educational administrators.  Opportunities for professional development and leadership. Competitive salary and benefits. 

We invite qualified candidates to consider becoming part of our community by submitting a cover letter, resume, and application to Mr. Eldrich Carr, Principal, by email at employment@springer-ld.org or mail to 2121 Madison Rd.  Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. 

• Build and maintain meaningful professional relationships with students, staff, and parents.
• Planning, implementing, and evaluating instruction for assigned students.
• Collaborating with colleagues about the academic and personal development of the students.
• Ongoing assessment of assigned students to determine patterns of strengths and weaknesses.
• Developing and managing classroom and individual behavior plans.
• Collaborating on an ongoing basis with parents.

• BS in Education with a concentration or experience in LD, or Special Education.
• Three years’ teaching experience.
• Demonstrated knowledge of current educational best practices and resources for children with learning disabilities
• Extensive skills in differentiated instruction, team/parent collaboration
• Strong organizational and analytical skills.
• Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development.
• Strong desire to work in a collaborative team environment.

Start date: August 7, 2017


Substitute Teacher

Currently seeking Substitute teachers to work across all levels and subjects on an as needed basis. Experience teaching students with learning disabilities preferred.  Please submit copy of current teaching certificate or license with application and resume to employment@springer-ld.org


Intangible Benefits of Working at Springer School and Center

  • We are mission focused, all working toward the same purpose, guided by clearly articulated values.  All efforts are focused on individuals with learning disabilities.
  • We operate with the philosophy of teamwork.  Board, staff, parents and students are active partners in executing our mission.  There is a feeling of openness and trust among all stake holders.
  • We are an ever evolving, researched-based faculty with a strong emphasis on using state of the art instruction and best practice in our work with children.
  • As a vital member of this energetic community, each staff member is respected and valued for his/her individual contributions to the efforts of a multidisciplinary team on behalf of children.  There is academic freedom to problem-solve with team members around the academic and social issues of a child; there is latitude in the approaches to instructional/behavioral issues, not a prescribed approach or prohibitive channels.  There are few bureaucratic constraints.
  • In our nurturing and stimulating environment, there are opportunities for personal and professional growth, for developing creativity and sustaining close relationships within the community.  There is a strong system of support for continued growth and development.  
  • Staff members are empowered to influence many aspects of school life and to contribute to the development of school policies and practices.  There is an easy access to administrators - all ideas are entertained.  Staff gets to know Board members and, through opportunities such as committee work, their input is considered in decision making processes. 
  • There is opportunity to work on teams, with colleagues who are highly competent, passionate about teaching and learning, high performing, productive and energetic, with strong work ethics.
  • School size and small student-to-teacher ratio guarantees that every child is considered individually.  All academic and social interventions are child-focused, developmentally appropriate, not curriculum driven.  There is easy access to multi-sensory, instructional resources as well as supplies.  In this environment, staff can truly make a difference in children’s lives.
  • Desire, not obligation, is the independent school teacher’s motivation for staying after school to plan instruction, meet with team members to problem-solve around student needs and dialogue with parents.   

Springer School and Center considers all applicants for all positions without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status.