To fulfill our mission of empowering students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives, we start by helping you determine if Springer is the right choice for your child.

As a first step, we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office at 513 871-6080 ext. 211, by email, or through our website.

Springer is a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider. The scholarship is available to Ohio residents and is non-need based.  Learn more.


Carmen Mendoza

Meet Carmen Mendoza, Admissions Director
Carmen Mendoza has a wealth of experience with more than 20 years in special education. She earned a Masters in Education from Indiana University after gaining a BS in Elementary Education and Special Education from the University of Dayton. Carmen has held several positions at Springer, including Intermediate Teacher and Center Program Coordinator. Email Carmen.


“I felt so welcomed, sitting down with Carmen. I sensed immediately that she truly cared and was fully listening to our struggles, taking careful notes. Now that they are at Springer, my children have less fear of failure and more confidence.”
—Springer parent