What are Springer’s guiding principles as it approaches the challenges of COVID-19?
Springer’s mission—to empower students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives—is as applicable and inspiring as ever. Whether we are in our classrooms or supporting our students and families through distance learning, Springer is always committed to approaching our students’ challenges through a differentiated and developmentally appropriate curriculum and pedagogy. Furthermore, Springer’s values, particularly those of partnership and communication, create a community that is optimistic, flexible, and supportive. In short, Springer’s enduring philosophical approach to education creates our foundation, even for today.
When will Springer campus and school re-open?
In accordance with the Governor Mike DeWine’s statewide mandate, Springer’s campus and school will be closed through Friday, May 1, 2020. Springer’s C.O.R.E. program (“Creating Opportunities, Resuming Education”)—a digital learning platform that supports Springer’s specific population of students—begins Monday, April 6, 2020. Moreover, Springer’s leadership will continue to monitor guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other local health officials as it evaluates the potential opening of campus.
How will distance learning work for students?
Springer’s distance learning program, also known as its “C.O.R.E.” program (“Creating Opportunities, Resuming Education”), is a differentiated and developmentally appropriate curriculum and pedagogy. Designed to help students with learning disabilities, challenges with executive functioning, and ADHD, Springer’s approach takes into consideration a wide variety of variables to engage and support our students with both live and pre-recorded sessions. If you have specific questions regarding Springer’s distance learning program, please reach out to Springer’s Curriculum Director, Diane Houghton.
What is the type and frequency of communication I can expect to receive from Springer?
Springer is committed to communicating effectively throughout the pandemic. Ensuring a pathway for our families to receive information and provide feedback is vital to the success of all our students. With respect to organization-wide information, please expect to hear from Springer’s Executive Director, Brett Marcoux, via email and video postings on a regular basis or if an emergency announcement is necessary. Families should also expect to engage with their student’s homeroom teacher on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Finally, if your student is receiving additional services, like occupational therapy or speech and language therapy, appropriate Springer personnel will be in touch, too.
Who do I contact if I have a question while the campus and school are closed?

Springer is always open to your questions and we’ll do our best to find you answers quickly and efficiently. To help this process, please consider reaching out over the phone or through email to the following:

  • For current students and families, please follow our practice of reaching out to your student’s homeroom teacher or division director first.
  • For those seeking support with technology, please communicate directly with Springer’s Technology Integration Specialist, Barbara Hunter.

  • For families seeking admission to Springer, please reach out to Springer’s Associate Admissions Director, Jill Wieging.
  • For those seeking to support Springer through their donations, please reach out to Springer’s Development Director, Kirstin Eismin, or Springer’s Development Coordinator, Angie Schmitz
  • For those with questions related to financial matters, please contact Springer’s Business Director, Mark Priest.
  • If your question does not seem to fit any of the aforementioned categories, please leave a message with Springer’s Main Office at 513.871.6080. This voicemail is checked regularly and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.
What is the status of Springer events?
Effective immediately, all events scheduled to be hosted on campus or related to school activities between Monday, March 30, 2020 and Friday, May 1, 2020 are cancelled or postponed. Springer will continue to update the community about future events through its regular communication channels. As Springer evaluates upcoming events, Springer’s leadership is committed to maintaining its traditional end-of-year ceremonies and supporting CDC and government guidelines.
Is Springer’s Center still open and supporting Cincinnati’s families?
Now, more than ever, Springer’s Center is committed to helping families, educators, and the tri-state area. Despite having to move into the digital world, Springer is maintaining a robust Center schedule and fielding questions regularly. If you would like to participate in our upcoming Center event or have a question, please reach out to Springer’s Center Coordinator, Kate Jackson.
How can I support my student during the school’s closure?

Springer is committed to supporting our families as well, which may mean offering guidance around the learning process at home. A few ways to support your student during the school closure include:

  • When possible, maintain a regular schedule. Keeping students on a regular schedule will help facilitate routines and a sense of order, a significant step in decreasing anxiety.
  • Create a space dedicated to schoolwork supplied with the needed materials. This may not be possible in every home, but creating a “reading corner” or consistent spot at the kitchen table helps students recognize it’s time for learning, not playing.
  • Exercise, eat well, and sleep 8-10 hours a night. Just as we would encourage students to do during a typical school week, it’s important for students to maintain the healthy habits that promote a strong mind and healthy body.
  • When it comes to patience, flexibility, and stress-management, please be a good role-model. The coming days and weeks will be a process filled with success stories and tough times. The way we manage the challenges, persevere, and collaborate will go a long way in their own success.
  • If you or your student is struggling, reach out for support. Springer is committed to helping everyone through this tough time, academically and emotionally. Please don’t wait for us to reach out, because we are happy to support you and your student as soon as possible.
What can I do to help support members of the Springer community?
Springer is a supportive community and we are always looking to help one another. Beyond demonstrating your patience, flexibility, and enthusiasm for Springer’s entire program, Springer welcomes small and large gestures of support, as we would any other year. From sending kind words to one other to your continued support of the annual fund and Springer’s annual event, A Springer Celebration, gifts continue to allow us to support our families and members of our community.