We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Lisa K. Woodruff, Springer alumni parent, to talk with a group of moms at a parent program called “An Evening for Moms with ADHD: Small Steps Toward a More Peaceful Home.” Lisa is the author of “How ADHD Affects Home Organization” and has a website: organize365.com.

Several points really resonated with the audience. Lisa emphasized that we aren’t born being organized! It is something that we can learn. Some of us need direction as we attempt to calm a chaotic environment. Having a routine and taking a step at a time can make all the difference at home. Lisa suggested having three goals in a room: 1. Throw away trash. 2. Remove dishes/food. 3. Remove laundry/clothes. Suddenly the environment looks a lot less cluttered, and you feel a greater sense of peace. 

One other point that was especially striking was “Done is better than perfect.” Your children may not fold clothes perfectly, but the job is done! You may be serving dinner on paper plates, but everyone is sitting down together. You may not be serving home cooked meals every night, as your Mother did, but everyone eats. Spend less time trying to do one chore perfectly; spread your efforts and just get things done!  

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