At this time of the year there are many blogs with the three or five things you need to do to get organized or to start off the day or school year right. It can be stressful just to read them, because it is overwhelming to consider a whole list of things that you currently don’t do, but “should.” What if we reduce it to one task that you can do every day? You might feel yourself letting go of some stress if there is just one thing that will help you.  

Every day our goal is for family members to be ready to leave on time with the items they need for the day. Being successful in arriving at work or school on time, complete with belongings, begins with preparation the night before. Mornings are too hectic to follow everyone around issuing directives and then checking back to make sure there was follow-through. 

The secret is for each family member to have a “Blast Off Site.” Work with each child and determine the best place for her Site (not in her room).

  • Each night set aside 15 minutes.
  • Each person gathers his school/work materials and puts them at his assigned Blast Off place.
  • For a student - backpack, gym clothes, musical instrument, rain coat or a project goes to the Blast Off place.
  • For an adult – laptop, keys, wallet/purse, briefcase, cellphone are placed at the site.
  • As they go out the door, family members take everything with them.

Start tonight for a successful tomorrow!

Blogger Mary Ann Mulcahey, PhD, shares her expertise in assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities and ADHD, and the social/emotional adjustment to those issues. If you have questions, please contact Mary Ann at mmulcahey@springer-ld.org.


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    Wed, 08/23/2017 - 12:17pm reply

    I LOVE IT! Especially for myself - I'm always rushing looking for my phone, keys, and wallet. I need a blast off space as much as my kids.

  • Alt
    Wed, 08/23/2017 - 12:53pm reply

    Mornings can be so hectic that it is easy for something to be left behind in the dash out the door.  If everything is ready to go the night before it reduces the stress level and gets the day off on a positive note. 

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