Springer History

reuben springerSpringer was established in 1887 as the Cathedral School for the Archdiocese. Reuben Runyan Springer, a noted Cincinnati philanthropist, donated the funds to create the school.  From the beginning, it served children with special needs as the original school had a program for the deaf and hard of hearing children. In 1968, based upon a community needs assessment conducted by the University of Cincinnati, Springer became a school for children with learning disabilities. Springer continued as an archdiocesan school until 1971 at which time it became an independent elementary school for children with learning disabilities.

Having relocated several times, Springer moved to its present 6 acre campus at 2121 Madison Road in 1981. Since 1992, Springer has been accredited through the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. The center, opened in January 1999, provides information, referral services, and programs for students, teachers, and parents.