Strategies for the General Education Teacher: Supporting Students with ADHD and EF Challenges

Friday, May 8, 2020 - 8:30am to 3:00pm

Research suggests that 50 percent of classroom time is spent dealing with problems associated with Executive Function skill deficits. The top classroom issues relate to challenges with shifting, self-regulation and self-monitoring. Teachers often report feeling they have insufficient training in environmental or procedural supports that will explicitly teach students Executive Function skills. Children with LD and ADHD also benefit when instruction includes explicit processes for Executive Function skill development.

The workshop will focus on the five major Executive Function skills:

  • Creating a classroom-wide EF culture
  • Goal setting/planning/organizing/prioritizing
  • Accessing working memory
  • Shifting/flexible thinking
  • Checking/self monitoring

 Key Learning:

  • Learn the five basic Executive Function skills and their impact on academic, behavioral and social/emotional functioning.
  • Sharpen diagnostic skills by connecting breakdowns in learning and classroom functioning to specific EF skill deficits.
  • Devise lesson plans and classroom procedures to explicitly address the development of Executive Function skills for all students.

Course Credit:  Six participation hours awarded upon completion.