Springer Leadership Gather to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

  • Press Release- Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    leader luncheonIn celebration of Springer School and Center’s 40th anniversary, former Board Presidents and Executive Directors of the school gathered for a luncheon on March 10. All four of the women who have served as the school’s Executive Directors since its establishment in 1971 were on hand, joined by eight Board Presidents.

    "It was a great honor to sit at the table with the people who made Springer what it is today," said current Board President Randy Cooper. Each of those in attendance shared anecdotes from which a common theme emerged – Springer’s commitment to advances in the education of children with learning disabilities.

    "Springer's 40th anniversary is an excellent time to recognize those who preceded us," noted 2008-09 and 2009-10 Board President Tom Leugers. "I enjoyed every minute (of the luncheon). I knew about decisions that had been made in the past, but it was fascinating to hear the 'whys' behind those decisions."

    The gathering was attended by previous Executive Directors Sr. Mary Jean Fields, Sr. Marianne Van Vurst, Dr. Norita Aplin and current Executive Director Shelly Weisbacher. Board Presidents in attendance included Richard Niedhard, Tony Hobson, Garret Frey, Russ Wilson, Ernie Lewis, Tom Leugers, Paul Wenker and Randy Cooper.

    Photo caption: Springer Executive Director Shelly Weisbacher (from left) welcomed current Board President Randy Cooper and former Presidents Richard Niedhard and Paul Wenker in celebration of the school’s 40th Anniversary.