Springer Artwork Chosen by Journal of Learning Disabilities

  • Press Release- Friday, November 8, 2013

    jld art 11/13Two students at Springer School and Center were chosen to have their artwork featured on the cover of the Journal of Learning Disabilities in 2014. Each year, three works of art are selected from those submitted by students with learning disabilities from across the country.

    Eighth grader Will Goderwis’ work in watercolor and oil pastel was inspired by Animal Planet. “I thought it would be cool to create a lion hiding in the bushes getting ready to attack,” said Will of the piece he calls Hiding in the Forest.

    Annika Sandman’s piece in clay is entitled Mexican Sun. “It was originally made to hang in front of a light,” said Annika. “You would put a light behind it, and when you turn it on, the light shines through the pretty colors, just like the Mexican sun.”

    Will and Annika are in Corrinne Thaler’s art class at Springer School and Center, a Hyde Park school devoted to the education of students with learning disabilities in grades 1 through 8.