It's All Fun and Games at A Springer Celebration! 2014

  • Press Release- Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    celebration 14 PRIt was an evening filled with fun and games for more than 300 guests at Springer School and Center’s annual fundraising event A Springer Celebration! 2014 on May 1. In a spirit of fun and exploration, guests wrestled with tangram puzzles, expressed themselves in works of art and tried their hands at copying words reflected in a mirror. More energetic guests enjoyed jumping in a bounce house or engaged in tricycle races at the event held on Springer’s Hyde Park campus.

    The evening’s activities, which included challenges to memory and perception, were designed to give guests some idea of what it might be like to negotiate school with a learning disability. Springer alumnus and Trustee Casey Boland chaired this year’s event at which he addressed guests, sharing his experience with learning disabilities and the impact Springer has had on his success in school and career.

    celebration 14 PR“It was so great to see people having fun at the event,” said Boland, “but more than that, I was gratified to see people having trouble with some of the activities and experiencing that ‘aha moment’ when they got a glimpse of what it might be like to have a learning disability.”

    Local 12 WKRC TV Sports Director Brad Johansen was on hand as emcee and auctioneer for the evening’s program, themed “Let’s Play!” The event raised $128,000, providing critical financial aid and outreach programs for the children and families affected by learning disabilities in our region.