Springer Artwork to Appear on Scientific Journal

  • Press Release- Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    JLD 14Two students at Springer School and Center were chosen to have their artwork featured on the cover of the Journal of Learning Disabilities in 2015. Each year, three works of art are selected from those submitted by students with learning disabilities from across the country.

    Seventh grader Mimi Dietz’s work entitled Op Art features black-outlined colors that create an optical illusion of movement and depth. “When I was little, I loved using markers to show the colors of the rainbow,” said Dietz, a resident of Mt. Lookout. “Our teacher showed me how to add highlights to the colors.”

    Veronica Keil’s piece in printing ink and oil pastels is called Kitty Cat. A third grader and resident of Colerain Township, Keil said, “I mostly get ideas for art from the things that are all around me in my life. I look back in my mind and remember beautiful things I’ve seen, and try to show the beauty in my art. This is a picture of my cat Loki.”

    Dietz and Keil are in Corrinne Thaler’s art class at Springer School and Center, a Hyde Park school devoted to the education of students with learning disabilities in grades 1 through 8.