Springer Students Photograph Lizards with Visiting Author

  • Press Release- Thursday, November 6, 2014

    visiting author 14Students photographed bearded dragons using iPad minis when they hosted acclaimed author and photographer David FitzSimmons at Springer School and Center on October 28 and 29. FitzSimmons spent two days at Springer, talking with students about his work as a photographer and writer of books about animals, and guiding the students as they created their own photos of a trio of the lizards.

    Students replicated FitzSimmons’ unique style of photographing animals on a pure white background by shooting the animals inside a photographer’s light tent, a cube of translucent fabric. Student Gabrielle Luckenbach said she found the program inspirational. “I liked that he showed us how to zoom in on certain parts of the animal,” she said. “It was cool,” said Ben Garvin. “I’ve never actually taken a picture of such a small animal before.”

    A free-lance writer, photographer and author, FitzSimmons has written numerous books, and his work has been featured in more than 100 calendars. His most recent books include Animals of Ohio’s Ponds and Vernal Pools and Curious Critters. His photography and writing has appeared in the magazines Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Shutterbug, as well as in newspapers and various online publications.

    Luckenbach and Garvin are Intermediate students at Springer School and Center, a Hyde Park school devoted to the education of students with learning disabilities in grades 1 through 8.