Artwork of Two Springer Students to Appear on Scientific Journal

  • Press Release- Monday, October 21, 2019

    The artwork of two students from Springer School and Center was chosen by the Journal of Learning Disabilities to appear on the journal’s cover in 2020. Each year the scientific journal selects three works of art from among those submitted by students with learning disabilities from across the country.

    After studying the work of artist Georgia O’Keeffe, seventh-grader Ally Iredale drew a flower in the same style using oil pastels and blending the colors with her fingers. “I’m excited about the award and pleased with my artwork,” said Iredale, “and I’m grateful to the journal.” Outside of school, Iredale enjoys gymnastics, playing soccer, reading, doing yoga and sketching or painting birds and other natural scenes.

    Second-grader Brooklyn Hambleton’s painting of a whimsical bird was created in the style of American pop artist James Rizzi. Hambleton outlined the bird using oil pastel, and added color with paint. When she is not at school, Hambleton enjoys coloring, painting and playing on her playset at home.

    Iredale and Hambleton are in Corrinne Thaler’s art class at Springer School and Center, a Hyde Park school devoted to the education of students with learning disabilities in grades 1 through 8.