Springer Students Learn the Joy of Giving

  • Press Release- Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    Upper School students at Springer School and Center gained hands-on experience in philanthropy this year though Magnified Giving, a local nonprofit that gives students an opportunity to research local charities and choose one to gift with a thousand dollars. The 104 sixth, seventh and eighth graders researched charities from a list provided by Magnified Giving, and narrowed the list to their top three choices. They divided into three groups, and each group visited one of the charities.

    “Students visited to learn more about the organizations, but also to give back,” said Springer Assistant Principal Siobhan Taylor. “In the end, our students chose the Animal Friends Humane Society because it was a ‘win-win’ – humans change the lives of animals, and animals, with their love, change the lives of humans.” During their visits, the students completed service activities ranging from packing boxes to washing walls, laundry and dishes, as they learned about how relief organizations help victims of natural disasters and how to be safe around animals.

    At a May 9 ceremony, the students presented a Magnified Giving check for $1,000 to Meg Stephenson, Executive Director of the Animal Friends Humane Society. “We are so thankful that the Springer School chose Animal Friends Humane Society as their non-profit recipient for a Magnified Giving grant,” said Stephenson. “We enjoyed hosting the students immensely, as we love sharing our mission and needs with the future pet owners of our community. With so many worthwhile causes in our area, we are humbled to have been selected by the Springer School for this generous grant.”

    Springer 7th grader Laura Thompson was named a finalist for the Roger Grein Spirit of Philanthropy Award, the youngest student ever to be so honored. “My participation in Magnified Giving taught me to put myself in other people’s shoes and see things through their eyes,” said Laura. “When we visited the different organizations we could see for ourselves the needs they had and the difference we could make.” Laura was not only active throughout the year in Springer’s involvement, but she has represented Magnified Giving at several local community presentations, and has been invited to join their alumni group and participate in an internship opportunity.