Instructional Teams

As Springer is a non-graded school, the Lower School includes students ages 6-11, and the Middle School serves students ages 11-14. Each department team works closely together to meet the needs of the children in their department. Each team is supported by a language therapist, occupational therapist, and psychologist. In the Lower School, students receive most of their instruction in their homeroom, while students in the Middle School have different teachers for each subject. 

To contact a team member, send an email to {{first initial}}{{last name}}@springer-ld.org.


Green Team

(front row) Kristy Ilg, Carly Wise, Jessica Goins, Nancy Norris

(back row)  Kathleen Miklius, Carol Shumrick, Louise Gunn, Jennifer Casey

Blue Team

(front row) Anne Leeman, Emma Green, Ruth Coppel, Kathy Mueller, Ashlyn McDonough

(back row)  Marika Huelskamp, Carol Shumrick, Kathleen Miklius, Kim Lankford (center), Shanda Arthur

Gray Team

(front row) Emily Kimble, Laura Fusting, Julie Crutcher, Denise Danielson

(back row) Debbie Elbert, Carol Shumrick, Kathleen Miklius, Meg Duke

Green Teachers
Jessica Goins
Kristy Ilg
Jennifer Casey

Blue Teachers
Emma Green
Shanda Arthur
Kim Lankford

Gray Teachers
Julie Crutcher
Emily Kimble
Meg Duke

Lower School Assistant Principal
Carol Shumrick

Lower School Assistant
Kathleen Miklius

Green Instructional Assistants
Nancy Norris
Carly Wise
Louise Gunn

Blue Instructional Assistants
Marika Huelskamp
Ashlyn McDonough
Anne Leeman
Ruth Coppel
Kathy Mueller

Gray Instructional Assistants
Debbie Elbert
Laura Fusting
Denise Danielson


Blue Team

(front row) Kristina Ernst, Anna Ruhmkorff, Amy Sutherland, Sharon Frost

(back row) Joe Phelan, Jason Mott, Liz Crellin

Gray Team

(front row) Wendy New, Erin Holzman, Julie Flowerdew, Jenni Wallen

(middle row) Phil Jensen, Collene Holcomb, Jenny Smith

(back) Jason Mott, Sharon Schinasi

Blue Teachers
Kristina Ernst
Amy Sutherland
Sharon Frost

Gray Teachers
Jenni Wallen
Phil Jensen
Sharon Schinasi
Julie Flowerdew

Middle School Assistant Principal
Jason Mott

Blue Instructional Assistants
Anna Ruhmkorff
Joe Phelan
Elizabeth Crellin

Gray Instructional Assistants
Collene Holcomb
Erin Holzman
Wendy New
Jenny Smith


(front row) Nikki Sullivan, Judy McMahon, Erin Fiorito, Hannah Wagner

(middle row) Tish Gayle, Amanda Forbes, Stephanie Elwell

(back row) Mark Phelps, Tony Barone, Corrinne Thaler

(not pictured) Ann Kilpatrick

Unified Arts Teachers
Judy McMahon - Music
Mark Phelps - Physical Education
Corrinne Thaler - Art

Tony Barone

Language Therapists
Nicole Sullivan (Team Leader)
Hannah Wagner

Occupational Therapists
Stephanie Elwell
Ann Kilpatrick

Counselor / Student Life Coordinator
Erin Fiorito

Library Media Specialists
Amanda Forbes
Tish Gayle

PETERSON TEAM  2017-2018

Daniel Allen, Kristen Dabbelt, Karen Robinson (Team Leader)