Springer's first virtual fundraising event, A Springer Celebration! Seeds of Success, streamed on Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram Live and in an alumni group on Facebook on October 30. The event, which received 1,400 views on Facebook alone, raised $140,000 through sponsorships, hosting, donations and sales of auction items and raffle tickets.

The half-hour event, featuring prerecorded interviews with Springer trustees, veteran staff members and Student Council officers and representatives, highlighted the impact Springer has had on students with learning disabilities and their families for nearly 50 years.

"I used to hate reading," said eighth grader Anna Krieg, "I would avoid it at all costs, but now one of my favorite things to do is to read." "Springer has given me the self-confidence to be able to advocate for myself," added Student Council Vice President Campbell Glinski. Student Council President Max Matarazzo summed up Springer's impact by saying, "Springer gives people a chance to learn, a chance to grow and an opportunity to show their true colors."

Dr. Tony Barone, Springer psychologist for more than 25 years, reflected on Springer's importance to children with learning disabilities. "To me," he said, "Springer means hope for children who have been very close at times to losing hope. Here they've been able to find a doorway to find their own individual potential." Thirty-year veteran Terri Moorhead added, "What makes Springer unique is our focus on teaching students how to learn. Not just learning information, but how they learn. For our students, that can be very empowering."

Co-chaired by Trustees Cecily Fassler and Peter Frey, the program wrapped up with a live drawing for three raffle prizes, officiated by Executive Director Brett Marcoux and Auction Chair and Springer parent Jenni Ward.

"We are grateful for the support of the Springer community and are overwhelmed by their support for Springer during this difficult year, Trustee Cecily Fassler commented. "Springer is a real asset to Cincinnati and while this was not our normal celebration, our community came out in full force."

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