Springer School and Center’s own Technology Integration Specialist Barbara Hunter, MEd, has partnered with Monica Hassell, RN, to write an article entitled “Flight, Fight, Freeze or Fib,” recently published in Additude Magazine. Monica is co-director and principal coach for Connect ADHD Coaching in Brisbane, Australia. The authors consider why children and adults tell “fibs,” but especially why individuals with ADHD do.

Telling fibs could be a strategy for self-preservation to compensate for the many pieces that get lost or forgotten when someone has ADHD. The article discusses four ways that “fibbing” serves as a defense when there is a perception of serious threat. Challenges with Executive Function in the areas of emotional regulation, working memory, inhibition and maintaining attention impact a child’s ability to cope with stressful situations in an adaptive fashion.

Read the article for the complete discussion and the authors’ suggestions for supporting the individual in developing alternative strategies to “fibbing” when coping with perceived threats.

Barbara and Monica were also interviewed recently by Dr. Ned Hallowell, psychiatrist and author of several books on ADHD, for his podcast “Distraction.” Listen to the podcast here.

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