Success Changes Everything

The Springer Experience

It’s what we tell every new Springer family: “You will be amazed at the changes you see in your child.” These changes are evident inside and outside the classroom. Our programs support the development of the complete child—academically, socially, and emotionally. Most importantly, we encourage our students to become advocates for themselves. Springer equips them with the strategies to manage their learning disabilities—techniques they’ll take with them throughout their entire lives. Beyond the student, the Springer Experience influences the entire family. Our parents tell us that Springer has relieved their own anxiety and helped them become better at supporting their children with learning disabilities.

Student Stories

Our students, parents, and the Springer staff who support them are our best demonstration of success.

  • The School

    The School

    Beyond being the only school in the region dedicated to educating children with learning disabilities, Springer is unique because our goal is to help students leave our school.

  • The Center

    The Center

    As the region's leading resource for learning disabilities, our center offers educational programs and professional development related to learning disabilities for students, parents, and educators.

  • Springer Students

    Springer Students

    Springer students come from all over the region. Here, they learn the strategies and techniques that help them understand concepts that had eluded them, perform what is asked, and feel good about themselves.

  • Alumni


    Our graduates carry Springer’s learning legacy forward— within their own families, into the community, and to colleges and universities all over the country.

  • Calendar


    Our calendar helps parents and professionals find events and opportunities to further their understanding of learning disabilities.


What You Can Expect from Springer

Throughout the time you spend with Springer—from your first inquiries until after graduation, we provide ongoing support for our students and their parents:

  • Thorough evaluation of a student’s needs
  • Tools and strategies to serve students with learning disabilities while in school and throughout their lives
  • Detailed orientations and education for parents
  • Ongoing resources and programs about learning disabilities delivered through our center
  • Placement services when transitioning to new schools