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Executive Function Strategies: Optimizing Student Performance and Reducing Stress

Lynn Meltzer, PhD and Donna Kincaid, MEd

This Professional Development program will explore the important role of Executive Function processes in academic performance and present classroom strategies for building EF skills. The interrelation between EF and anxiety will also be discussed and strategies presented that can teach students how to study and learn from their mistakes.

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Center Professional Development Programs for Educators

Springer's professional development programs are designed to provide a range of flexible options to suit the needs and initiatives of each educator, school or district. Trainings provide: 

  • On-site consultation and observation
  • Tailored instruction for individual schools - on-site or at Springer
  • Proven strategies to help students overcome obstacles to learning
  • Research-based tools to improve a child's academic success

Springer's professional development is designed for: 

  • Elementary and Middle School Teachers, and School Administrators
  • Counselors and School Psychologists
  • Intervention Specialists and Language Therapists
  • Public, private, and parochial schools

Our ultimate goal is to give teachers the tools necessary to become more diagnostic-prescriptive in working with the children whose lives they touch throughout their teaching careers. Empowering teachers with the strategies necessary to meet the specific needs of their students will directly impact how children process, store and access information.


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