Tips for Leaving the House on Time in the Morning


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Getting the family out of the house, on time, with everything needed for the day, depends on a number of decisions and actions. Here are some secrets for success.

Reduce the number of decisions in the morning


  • Get a complete set of clothes out and ready.
  • Backpack, keys, phone, gym clothes, soccer cleats, violin ready in one place (Blast Off site).
  • Decide what is for breakfast.
  • Give out lunch money or pack lunch for tomorrow.
  • Look at tomorrow’s schedule for transportation changes.

Reduce Distractors

  • Student dresses in the bathroom, parent’s room, or their room – which is best?
  • No TV, cartoons or movies while dressing or eating.
  • Externalize cues – use a timer or checklist to follow the routine.

Set the schedule with the student

  • When must they be out the door?
  • Hygiene routine for the morning (Shower? Brush teeth and wash face).
  • When do they need to get up to accomplish their routine?