Adventures Morning Programs

For children entering Grades 2 - 6
Monday, June 17 - Friday, July 12, 2019 (no class July 4)
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Language Arts

Your child gains confidence and improves skills through carefully researched methods of instruction for reading, writing and spelling. Classes have a small child-to-teacher ratio and two hours of daily instruction. To accommodate a wide range of ages, we divide Language Arts into developmental groups.

Primary (entering grades 2 - 3): The relationship between spoken language and reading is emphasized. The components stressed include decoding through a structured language approach, listening and speaking skills, and understanding the language in books (words, sentences, paragraphs). Students also work on basic writing skills.

Intermediate (entering grades 4 - 6):  In school, children are expected to "read to learn" at this level. Many students who would be able to comprehend material presented in books have difficulty accessing it or writing about it because they struggle with sounding out words or spelling, and organizing their ideas. Technology tools are used in the program to further develop the students' skills.

This language arts program teaches strategies for meeting the reading and writing demands of the regular school curriculum. One hour a day is devoted to decoding, encoding (spelling) and vocabulary development. Students gain experience with various types of literature and expository writing. Another hour is devoted to instruction and practice in using technology for listening comprehension, written expression, and editing. Students practice study skills such as note-taking from text using a laptop.


This daily one-hour class employs a strategic approach to computation and solving word problems. The goal of solidifying basic math skills is supported with strategies for improving computation, automaticity of math facts and an understanding of math concepts, in a classroom with a small child-to-teacher ratio. Direct instruction is provided in the language of word problems and how to solve them.

Challenge by Choice

Your child can improve social skills through a group approach to physical activity that features collaborative problem-solving and noncompetitive games. Working together to accomplish a goal, children build confidence in being a part of a team, and strengthen problem-solving skills. Following multi-step directions reinforces a child’s ability to sustain focus. Scaling the Climbing Wall is a highlight for many students.

Many morning students choose to stay and have lunch, and then participate in the Fun with Friends afternoon program. Learn more here.

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