The Intentional Classroom: New Ways to Think about Old Challenges for Students with ADHD and Executive Dysfunction

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 8:30am to 3:00pm

Creating a classroom culture that fosters independent, motivated and resilient learners is the ultimate goal of the classroom teacher. This goal can be difficult to achieve when organizational and attentional challenges impede learning.
Students with those challenges need explicit instruction in skills that come easily to others. Students who are taught strategies for effective learning, and are taught how they work and why they are necessary, will be empowered to apply these strategies to every area of their lives.
This one-day workshop will define common terminology about executive dysfunction and ADHD. You'll receive tools that can scaffold learning for your students and you'll learn how to establish a classroom-wide culture that fosters habits that lead to success for every student.
Key Learning:
* Strategies for structuring self-regulation and learning. This session will outline the three essential self-regulation skills necessary for school success. Strategies for supporting development of self-regulation will be discussed.
* Laying the foundation for a classroom environment that ensures effective strategy instruction. This session will discuss a blueprint for classroom-wide effective executive function skill.

Course Credit: Participation hours awarded upon completion.

Program Fee: $165 per participant.  Schools/districts sending a team of three or more receive $30 off each registration.