Springer Stories Intermediate

  • The Challenge

    Even with an above-average IQ, this intermediate student couldn’t keep pace with class — especially in math. The daily speed tests in class caused him great anxiety. His classmates won prizes for these tests, while he tried to hide his papers. He had trouble completing class work, organizing his desk, and remembering homework, which often took him over 2 hours to finish. Despite repeated requests, his school didn’t think evaluation was needed. His self-confidence was at an all-time low, and he was increasingly afraid and embarrassed in class.

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  • Success

    He’d become terrified of making a mistake in math. When I assured him the time pressure was off, he began to use good thinking skills and discovered that he has a strength in math reasoning — something he never would have believed before. Now he lets me know if something confused him so we can go over it again in class. He is becoming his own best advocate!” — Teacher


  • Success

    “At Springer, the teachers really listen. They are helping him understand his learning profile-and that he has strengths as well as challenges. Homework is manageable now, and our family is back in balance.” 
    — Parents

    “When I did math at my old school, I just kept thinking about how everybody was getting done before me. At Springer, my teacher likes it when I take my time and come up with different ways to solve math problems. Homework is not my favorite thing, but it doesn't bug me like it used to.”  — Student