Springer Stories Upper School

  • The Challenge

    This student had excellent math and reading ability, but had trouble taking notes in class and capturing the right information. He studied hard for tests and knew the answers when his parents quizzed him, but he and his parents were always disappointed when he was unable to show his knowledge on test day. He had fantastic ideas, but couldn’t keep these thoughts in mind long enough to get them on paper. He was frustrated that his hard work didn’t show, and had begun to give up. 

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  • Success

    “His difficulties with Executive Function Skills made middle school assignments very difficult for him. He’d been working hard, but he needed to learn to work SMARTER, using things like checklists, schedules, and strategies for written expression. Each time he was successful, he became more convinced that he could achieve his goals. He has also had 1:1 time with our psychologist, which has bolstered his self-confidence, and I see his spirit and sense of humor returning.” — Teacher


  • Success

    “I tried, but I couldn’t get my son organized, and sometimes I would yell, ‘just do it!’ Then we’d both be sad and frustrated. Springer understands his problems with planning, prioritizing, and remembering what to do. They’ve helped break these skills down so it’s easier for all of us to understand how to do it.” — Dad

    “It used to drive me crazy when I’d study hard for a test and then go blank when I took it. My teachers at Springer help me study the most important points and show me the best way to remember for my test. When I have a writing assignment, they help me plan and get organized. I am actually proud of my work now.” — Student