You probably remember this commercial for the office supply store. In the background you heard the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Parents are skipping while pushing the shopping cart through the store. The children walk slowly behind them looking sad. It is the beginning of a new school year. For those of us who have/had children who struggle with some type of academic work, to bring home the right books, or now have trouble with completing assignments online and their summer work is not done – this is NOT the most wonderful time of the year.  It is actually a stress-filled time of year!

You may feel an underlying sadness as you anticipate the crying and arguing that will begin again over homework. You anticipate feeling likes it’s the movie “Groundhog Day” as you explain to new teachers, yet again, about your child’s learning challenges. You will tell professionals (who should know better) that what they are calling “laziness” or lack of motivation is ADHD or a Learning Disability.

Students typically are excited about the beginning of a new school year.  You, on the other hand, need to ease into the new school term.  Try not to let your anxiety spread to your student. You will smile as they pick out new school supplies, new shoes, a new lunchbox. Do some relaxing activities together in the time that is left. Go for a walk or bike ride in the evening. Pack dinner and head out to a park. Make some good memories for you and your children before school begins to get over the initial hurdle. Usually the most meaningful time with our children is low cost and spontaneous. 

Blogger Mary Ann Mulcahey, PhD, shares her expertise in assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities and ADHD, and the social/emotional adjustment to those issues. If you have questions, please contact Mary Ann at mmulcahey@springer-ld.org.

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