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blog 15.8.20This summer in Springer’s Adventures in Summer Learning program, teacher Debbie Elbert repeated a project she had first tried last summer in her writing classes. She asked her students to answer the question, “What is it like to have a learning disability?” The classes attacked the assignment by first brainstorming about the question, “What is a learning disability?” Then Debbie told them not to worry about spelling or punctuation, but just to write about how they feel.


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blog 15.8.11A parent and then a teenager recently asked me this question. A student is on medication because he meets criteria for ADHD (whether inattentive or combined type). That means the individual performed worse than at least 93 percent of students his age in organizational skills, paying attention, following directions, planning how to meet goals, keeping track of materials and sticking with a task until the end – not a good way to begin the school year.


blog 15.8.6The decision to move your child from his current school has far-reaching implications, and there are many issues to consider – academic and social, and of course, financial. Here are a few thoughts and questions parents have, when considering this important decision.

Springer is too expensive.


blog 15.8.4Parenting a child who struggles in school brings with it a unique set of challenges, one of which is finding a school that takes a different approach to learning. Springer School and Center has provided that “different approach” to hundreds of children with learning disabilities for over four decades. But I know that making the decision to change schools is a complicated one.


blog 15.7.29“Hold on to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road”

            ~ Phillip Phillips, Home


blog 15.7.22The parent of a recent Springer graduate sent this letter to Admission Director Carmen Mendoza.


blog 15.7.14Once parents experience Springer through their children’s eyes, they can’t help but become fans of Springer.  One parent even said, “I wish all children could go to a place like Springer.”


blog 15.7.8Kids feel different once they begin school at Springer, and so do their parents. When children are unhappy, often times parents are hurting for their children. It is no wonder that all the parents interviewed felt a sense of relief once their child began the Springer Experience. “Now I can go back to parenting, instead of instructing, advocating, and standing up for my child,” said one. “I trust the Springer experts.”


blog 15.7.2Students and parents come to Springer from all over the Cincinnati region. Students and parents transition from Springer back into other environments. What happens in between can be an experience that can have a lasting impact. Lots of hard work by the students, parents and staff at Springer School and Center takes place, so that this time in a child’s life is a meaningful one.