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blog 15.2.6Sarah cringes when the school’s number pops up on caller I.D. Since fourth grade, it has been nothing but bad news. Paul’s teacher calls to discuss his inability to wait his turn, frequently calling out answers in class and interrupting others. The conversation is always the same.


blog 15.2.3Springer parent Andrea Werbrich shared with Carole Barnhart her experience with Springer's day school.


blog 15.1.30In an instant I went from a fiercely independent “caretaker,” to the one being cared for and dependent on everyone else for simple tasks. A few weeks ago, I slipped on ice and broke my leg. Four days later, I was hit upside the head with the flu – for the second time since mid-December.


blog 15.1.6A new year brings with it the courage to change, and for some of us that means changing schools for our child so that his academic needs can be better met.  Come check out Springer School and Center on January 28th at the 9:00 a.m. Open House! If your child has a learning disability, this may be the change you are seeking.

blog 14.12.29

Parent of three Springer alumni and a current student, Kim Coyne shared with Carole Barnhart what Springer has meant to her family. Kim is pictured with son, Steve.


blog 14.12.16What works for your family? If you have children at home that is your primary consideration. Not what works for your mom, mother-in-law, stepmother, and the list goes on and on of other people who come first. This is especially true if your family mix includes ADHD, learning disabilities or similar considerations.


blog 14.12.9In many families, Mom is the primary contact between school and home. But Dad also has an important part to play in a child’s achievement and social/emotional adjustment at school. The Center for Educational Statistics reports that when a Dad attends a school event or parent/teacher conference, the child is more likely to get “good grades” across grade levels and the likelihood decreases of her failing a grade or being suspended from grade 6 onward.


blog 14.12.4Last week while cleaning for the holidays, I happened to hear some commotion just outside the dining room window. I overheard some interesting chatter reminiscent of a John Wayne western. Curiosity got the best of me—I took a peek. It was our little five year-old neighbor playing make-believe with his little friend from down the street.


blog 14.12.2


blog 14.11.25This weekend I feverishly prepared my house for the 24 guests I will have for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time I have had the privilege to host, since moving back “home” in 1999. I have the perfect vision of the day in my mind. Everyone is talking and laughing around the tables, set with the colors of fall, plates filled with all of our traditional Thanksgiving favorites.